Program VI Congress


15 October

Throughout the day: Arrival of conference members

Accreditations and collecting documentation in the Santemar Hotel throughout the day – FIAPAM Board of Directors / halls of the Santemar Hotel (exclusively for its members)

21:30 h      Welcoming cocktail party for all participants at the Gran Casino del Sardinero

16 October

Closing ceremony of the 40th anniversary of UNATE and START OF THE CONFERENCE

Assembly hall of the University of  Cantabria, calle Sevilla, 6 -39001, Santander 9:00 h           Accreditations & collection of documentation

11:00 h  Academic closing ceremony of the 40th anniversary of UNATE and Opening of the VI International Conference

Awarding of the honorary master’s degree

14:00 h Reception of authorities and the Senior Master at the Gran Casino del Sardinero (lunch) only by invitation

Free lunch and free afternoon

20:00 h      Santander Cathedral. Religious service and Te Deum Thanksgiving

Officiant: Most eminent & reverend Bishop of Santander Manuel Sánchez Monge. Music by the Torrelavega Choral Society & the Ataúlfo Argenta Orchestra

21:30 h      Free dinner

17 October

Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones of Santander, Calle Real Racing Club 3 – Santander

8:30 h        Papers 1 and 2 (simultaneous)

Paper 1 (hall 1)

Subject:      Incorporation of the human rights of the elderly to development policies and the rights approach to public ageing and old age policies. 

Paper 2 (hall 2)

Subject:      Continuous training for adults: university programmes for the elderly – The principles of intergenerational learning, an internationalising perspective

10:00 h       Coffee break

10:15 h       Papers 3 and 4 (simultaneous)

Paper 3 (hall 1)

Subject:      The elderly in social communication media

Paper 4 (hall 2)

Subject:      The elderly and the ageing of the population in the economy of countries

12.00 h       FIRST KEYNOTE LECTURE (hall 1)

Subject:          The longevity revolution: answers and proposals to ensure quality of life in a context of ageing of the population

14:00 h      Communal lunch

17:00 h       Papers 5 and 6 (simultaneous)

Paper 5 (hall 1)

Subject:      Gender and old age (the advantages and disadvantages of being a woman in old age)

Paper 6 (hall 2)

Subject:          Lifelong education: spaces for education, & continuous training so as to encourage intergenerational rapprochement & active ageing


18:15 h       SECOND KEYNOTE SPEECH (hall 1)

Subject:      Importance of the lnteramerican Convention on protecting the human rights of the elderly in Latin America and the Caribbean.


20:30 h      Performance by folk groups from different countries

Plaza de La Asunción (shipyards)

18 October 2018

Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos of Santander, Calle Real Racing Club 3 – Santander

8:30 h         Papers 7 and 8 (simultaneous)

Paper 7 (hall 1)

Subject:      Social school of thought: a contribution to the sustainable development of Latin American countries and the achieving of the millennium objectives

Paper 8 (hall 2)

Subject:      The elderly: transmitters of socio-cultural identity in times of change – The transgenerational legacy

10:00 h       Coffee break


10:15 h       THIRD KEYNOTE SPEECH (hall 1)

Subject:      The elderly in European Union policies


12:00 h       Papers 9 and 10 (simultaneous)

Paper 9 (hall 1)

Subject:      Universities for the elderly in the United Kingdom

Paper 10 (hall 2)

Subject:      Friendly cities and the elderly: intergenerational dialogue


14:00 h      Communal lunch


16:30 h       Round table (hall 1)

Subject:      Intergenerational dialogue and mutual learning



Reading of conclusions

Approval of the Charter of Santander

Presentation of VII International Conference in San Salvador, El Salvador (November 2019).

21:30 h      Gala Dinner

19 October 2018

Rest day and tourism

09:00 h       The excursions organised by the Conference leave

(all day including lunch)

Routes to choose from: Santillana del Mar, Valles Pasiegos (Pasiego Valleys), or Seafaring Towns

20:30 h      Concert: Cantabria Choral Society and Ataúlfo Argenta Orchestra

CASYC Auditorium, Calle Tantín nº 25 – Santander


20 October 2018

10:00 h       Optional post-conference programme

Post-Conference Tourist Programmes courtesy of Viajes MUNDIBOY

Free participation